Pirastro Obligato Synthetic Core Double Bass Strings

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Pirastro's Obligato Synthetic Core Double Bass strings sound great both arco and pizzicato. Their bright, brilliant sound is focused and well balanced. Made with a modern synthetic multifilament fibre core and wound with chrome steel, these strings are impervious to changes in temperature and humidity.

Individual Strings and Sets are Available in Orchestra Tuning, Solo Tuning and Tuning in 5th (A-D-G-C). All strings and sets are medium gauge.

Variations on the basic set include the following replacement strings:
E 2.10m Orchestra (3/4)
B5 Orchestra (3/4)
C High Solo (3/4)
C#5 Solo (3/4)
Tuning in 5th: The low C (3/4) is also available w/ rope core steel string which results in a powerful and very dark tone.

Category: Bass Strings

Vendor: Pirastro

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