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Scherl & Roth 3/4 Violin 1956

$ 1,500.00 Regular price $ 1,700.00

This is a fractional instrument - 3/4 size.

Ah, the beauty of an older violin with an interesting history!  This is an example of Heinrich Roth's Cleveland workshop's output during the middle of the 20th century. 

Heinrich Roth, a seventh-generation violin maker, the son of Ernst Heinrich Roth, along with his brother, Albert, operated a shop in Markneukirchen, Germany.  In the early 20th century, they had become known as fine makers and sold many instruments to Americans, who told him that he should bring his talent to America.  And, so he did. Heinrich worked for Simson & Frey in New York, for a few years and when Simson retired in 1932, Roth teamed with Max Scherl and bought out the business, naming it Scherl & Roth.  Cleveland, Ohio, back then, was the hub of violin making in America, so they moved the company there in 1938 and produced many fine instruments.  

The end of WWII saw an expansion of school orchestras, the early boomers contributed to larger schools, larger programs and changes to educational programs.  Teachers demanded quality instruments and Roth brought many makers to his shop to help with the workload. Under his tutelage, Scherl & Roth became one of the largest string shops in the world as well as our country's largest supplier of stringed instruments and accessories.  Total, Scherl & Roth instruments are still made, but under a larger distributor.

Approaching its 70th birthday, this vintage instrument was adjusted in our shop.   It has a warm, mature sound, amber brown varnish, nicely flamed two-piece back, no damage.  Very playable, warm tone, a piece of history, with a nice story behind it. 


Scherl & Roth 3/4 Violin 1956

$ 1,500.00 Regular price $ 1,700.00