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Volta 400 Series Acoustic Electric Viola - 5 String

Volta 400 Series Acoustic Electric Viola -- 4 or 5 String

$ 2,899.00
TitleModel 414 Beginner (4 String)

The Volta 400 Line is our Viola offering, and a Long Island Violin Shop exclusive. Our master luthiers have integrated the StringAmp acoustic amplification system into a ready to play package for the electric strings player in search of a near zero feedback, un-compromised electric sound. In an August 2013 Strings Magazine feature, senior editor Gregg Olwell said of the Volta "... the naturalistic, amplified tone of the Volta makes it an instrument that deserves to be on your audition list."

The Volta is a truly unique instrument with a sound that is fully acoustic, fully electric, and utterly amazing...

We develop each Volta from three advancing grades of fine quality instruments with a spruce top and maple back of aged tonewoods. Each instrument is finished with a beautiful, hand-applied, antiqued varnish. Onboard StringAmp system includes Beltpack stage preamp. Wireless transmitter available.

The Volta 400 Viola Series is available in 4 and 5 string versions at 15" - 16.5" sizes. We also have three quality levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Please select your desired style and size from the options below.

In Construction:
Every Volta violin, viola and cello is developed from a fine modern instrument specially chosen for the Volta line. Our expert violinmakers fit a customized StringAmp system to match the timbre and character of the instrument. Finally our famous setup and adjustment provides maximum player comfort.

In Control:
With the Volta's included preamp, the player to can adjust the volume and harmonic content of each string separately for a perfectly balanced sound over the entire range of the instrument.

In Performance:
The Volta's onboard StringAmp system takes the most direct path to amplified sound - StringAmp translates the movement of each individual string into an incredibly accurate electrical signal, unlike most pickups which are piezo-based and limit instrument vibrations. StringAmp features a powered pre-amp with special volume controls which allow the player to balance each string.

Volta 400 Series Acoustic Electric Viola -- 4 or 5 String

$ 2,899.00