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Larry Johanson - Highbridge, NJ

We would like to express our deepest appreciation for resolving our family's recent bow crisis. This Vuillaume bow has been our family's most treasured heirloom. The Stanhope lens was a source of entertainment for myself and siblings when were were little and then for the grandchildren as we started our own families. My Dad was given this bow from his violin teacher in the 1930's.

Although it was his prized possession, the monetary value was unknown and of no importance to him. The sentimentality was the greater value. Upon Dad's passing the bow was given to my daughter, Meredith, who had begun violin lessons at 5 years old. She has revered this bow as a very special keepsake. It was not until Meredith became a more accomplished musician and the bow was sent out for rehair that we were informed of its uniqueness and monetary value. Meredith, now 16, was devastated when she discovered the Stanhope lens had fallen out. I too, was quite upset.

Without thought, Meredith insisted that Mr. Rufino could fix it. I know she drove you and your staff crazy with her numerous rejections of the portraits, phone calls and e-mails. But it was your patience, attention to detail and affection with which you took on this project that has restored the bow to original condition. I could not be more pleased. I understand that, worldwide, a repair of this nature may only happen a few times a year. Thank you for your fine workmanship in this restoration.