New Pirastro String Selections & Pricing

We recently received a huge update from our friends at Nova Strings and Pirastro. Their annual catalogue update is in the process of being input into our website, so you'll be sure to find many more string choices than ever before. And remember; we sell all of our products at the Lowest Advertised Price, so you know that at the Long Island Violin Shop, you're getting the best deal online and in our retail store.

Be on the lookout for a whole gaggle of strings not previously offered online by the LIVS including:

  • Aricore
  • Chromcor
  • Eudoxa
  • The Jazzer
  • Evah Pirazzi
  • Flexocor
  • Pirastro Gold
  • Obligato
  • Oliv
  • Passione
  • Permanent
  • Piranito
  • Tonica
  • ... And More!

Craig Cook
Craig Cook